Objectives and Vision

Our Approach

In this era of globalisation the importance of International Law has increased manifolds. Globalisation challenges many of the traditional assumptions about International law, its relationship to domestic law, the ways in which it is created and the methods of its enforcement. Among other things, the International Law and Policy Society (ILPS) of National Law University Odisha, Cuttack, India will be engaged in cutting edge research and study of the normative and institutional implications of this challenge and of its theoretical and practical ramifications in a variety of fields encompassing the regulation of trade and investments, protection of human rights, international criminal responsibility of individuals, security and environmental governance etc.

The ILPS has been established to provide through research, working papers, publications, seminars, conferences, projects and engagement, a platform for intellectual dialogue on contemporary issues of international law and foreign policy. Emphasis of this society will be on public international law, international affairs and foreign policies of different countries. The society aims to engage with various stakeholders such as scholars, universities, policymakers, think tanks and intergovernmental organisations.

We are open to collaborations with other institutions and organisations. Kindly Contact ILPS to discuss further. Find us on Instagram and Linkedin

Meet Our Faculty Advisor

Dr. Suvrashree Panda

Dr Suvrashree Panda is presently Assistant Professor at National Law University Odisha , holds a PhD degree  of Banaras Hindu University. She has an experience of six  years of teaching in different government colleges and universities  including Vinayaka Acharya College, Berhampur,  B.H.U, Rajeev Gandhi National Law University. She joined as regular faculty at NLUO since January 2017. She has published research articles three in international journals and two in national journals. Her area of interests includes topics related to development, natural resource conflicts and resolutions from the social science perspective. 

Apart from design and delivery of  modules she has been overseeing other non-academic works at NLUO. She is Coordinator of AISHE for NLUO. She is Coordinating Mentorship programme. She is holding memebership of various research bodies of  NLUO which include Centre for tribal rights and Centre for natural resources. She is faculty advisor to ILPS. As faculty advisor she selects members and provides advice on required/requested information. 

I am pleased to know that the National Law University Odisha has instituted an International law and Policy Society (ILPS) to creatively explore varied global issues which impinge on law and policy. Amid the current challenges to peace and human rights, the international community is determined to safeguard and nurture international institutions and law to foster peaceful, just and inclusive societies which are free from fear and violence. The recent UN trajectories like SDGs and the concept of sustaining peace and also the Declaration of Right to Peace in December 2016 has once again demonstrated the critical importance of international law in building a just and peaceful global community. Our students and researchers will do well to develop a holistic understanding of how law  both  domestic and international is interlinked with a wide range of policy choices which constantly mould the implementation as well as its interpretation at all levels of our global community.I compliment the organizers for this timely initiative and hope that the ILPS  will explore and disseminate the ethos and trajectories of international law and policy in engendering fresh research and practical insights which is so much needed in today’s turbulent world.

With Best Wishes

Dr. Priyankar Upadhyaya
UNESCO Chairholder PRIO Global Fellow Professor & Coordinator , MCPR